Late night confession

a late night talk of a helpless soul


Diary talk

am I really fine?will I survive for long?

Self harm isn’t a joke

Sometimes she felt like sinking in a bedless ocean, she saw people laughing on her, she saw people moving forward , while she was sinking deep down and you know what? this is the most painful thing .It’s easy for people to say how can you be so sad? But than they haven’t felt what…


soon her story will have a full stop , soon her chapter would end

One last time…

a girl who dont want to say good bye so early but do her fate really wants her alive???

Come back my love…

there our times when we regret our own decisions, so this is poem about a girl who is sorry for her decision…

A little longer

Be with me one more time One last time, be my sunshine Let’s make OUR love deeper than anything Let’s make OUR love stronger than anything. Let’s go to a land far away Grab on my hand, lets sway Be with me one last time One last time, be my sunshine. In that land we’ll…


an open letter to someone who loved a girl

Life!A chore??

we all sometimes are forced to run into a race in which we do not want to. So this is basically a poem about a boy whose life soon turned in a chore! and maybe soon even urs turn!who knows? what’s next!


paths with mosses lead to better destination than paths with roses , a poem about struggling life of a girl

YES, I Do!!!

a girl who seemed cheerful in front of world but was she really?